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Why An Elevated Pet Bowl Is a Must Have

Your four-legged friend deserves only the best. We all think of our cats and dogs as being part of the family. While it might be second nature to feed them their food at certain times, have you stopped to think about how you’re feeding them? An elevated feeder is an essential that can help protect your pet’s spine and improve digestion. We’re covering a few of the reasons why elevated feeds for cats and dogs are a must-have. 


The Benefits of an Elevated Pet Bowl

Most of us place our pet’s bowls directly on the ground, assuming it’s easy for them to reach. In reality, your pet needs its bowl to be a little more elevated. You know the feeling you get when you hunch over a laptop or desktop? That’s exactly how your pet feels when they bend over their food or water bowl. They can start to deal with posture issues over time. 

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By investing in an elevated feeder for cats and dogs, you can make their dinner time a more comfortable experience. If your pet is older or suffers from arthritis and joint paint, an elevated feed can be a game-changer. You can make their life a little easier with this simple change.

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These elevated alternatives are also known as anti-vomit cat bowls. When your pet is eating from a lower bowl, it can cause digestive problems by making it harder for your pet to swallow their food. Your pet is fighting against gravity while eating its food. Do you have a dog that tends to lay down while it's eating? This position can lead to the same digestion issues. Swapping to an elevated bowl will help improve their digestion and reduce the chance of your pet being sick. 



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Another digestive-related benefit of an elevated feed for cats and dogs is that it’ll slow down the speed at which your pet eats their food. The elevated and upright position of the bowl means they have to eat slower, making it perfect for fast eaters who tend to make themselves sick.

 elevated feeder for cats, anti-vomit cat bowls, cat bowl with separated stand

One benefit for you is that an elevated bowl makes it easier for you to clean up after your canine or feline. Your pet can often make a mess with a lower bowl, especially if they end up dripping water from their face. With an elevated bowl, you can put it closer to your pet’s mouth, reducing mess and post-feeding clean-up. 

cat bowl with stand, cat bowl with separate base, elevated feeder for cats, anti-vomit cat bowls 

Meet Our Teeth Party Feeder

As fellow pet owners, we know how much you want to protect your canine or feline friend. That’s why we made our Teeth Party Feeder. It’s available in both a bowl and plate option, depending on your pet’s preference.

 elevated feeder for cats, elevated pet feeder, anti-vomit cat bowls

Its modern and sleek design means it’ll be right at home in your living space. The bowl has a detachable base, making it easy for refilling and cleaning. We use a durable food-grade antimicrobial material that is BPA-free to keep your furry friend safe and healthy. The placement height allows you to personalise it to work for your pet, protecting their spine while they’re eating.

 elevated feeder for cats, anti-vomit cat bowls, elevated feeder, elevated pet feeder

Your pet deserves the best. You can shop our innovative pet-friendly Teeth Party bowls here.

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